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meet selwyn

I am a queer illustrator & magazine designer with Tourette's syndrome. My pronouns are they/them.
Coming from a school of visual storytellers and hippie children in the heart of Appalachia (Ohio University) you'll find me at home in nature, in love with the small joys of day-to-day life. As of right now, I'm based on stolen Miami, Kaskaskia & Shawnee land contemporarily known as "Columbus, OH". I am currently designing visitor guides with Great Lakes Publishing for small towns and big cities here in Ohio!

If I were any mythical creature, I'd be a fairy or a selkie (seal-folk). I bring that up because I believe in magic- and I want to make magic with you! ౨ৎ
I am open to work in editorial design, illustration or handlettering. Let's get started on making your vision come to life!

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